What is “NaPro”?

By understanding fertility, we can help it when needed.  The modern reproductive science called NaproTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology, NaPro for short) is based on methods of evaluating certain “biomarkers” in a woman’s cycle to determine fertile and infertile days each month. It allows practitioners to evaluate hormonal imbalances and to diagnose and treat issues such as PMS, menstrual cramps, infertility, irregular bleeding, and other cycle abnormalities.  This is all done by working with the female cycle.  We want the healthiest cycles to bring out the best in you!

NaproTechnology and the couples who use it respect the dignity and responsibility of their fertility.  They do not want to ignore or suppress it.  We want to treat fertility as gently as a beautiful flower.  We would not want to harm something so delicate and beautiful as the woman’s cycle.  For this reason, birth control in all it’s forms is not used in One Body Family and Fertility.