What is FertilityCARE? NaPro?  Bye-Bye Birth Control

Consider, for a moment, the many types of care we have in today’s society.  We have child care, medical care, dental care, chiropractic care - the list is endless.  The reason we “care” about these things is because they are important to our health and to the quality of our lives.  Today we invite you to begin the adventure of FertilityCARE.

FertilityCARE is a women’s health science designed to help understand and bring out the good in fertility health.  Unfortunately, the concept of fertility is often looked upon as something negative which we are forced to “deal with” or “suffer with.”   Many girls are growing up being taught to suppress their fertility and halt its function.  Instead, we believe fertility is good.  It is a beautiful and valuable part of being a woman!  Through the modern science called FertilityCARE a woman is taught to care for her fertility and appreciate it.

With FertilityCARE, couples can determine what days they are fertile and what days they are infertile.  There are no chemicals or barriers involved, and no damage or side-effects to the fertility.  It respects the body.  The couple chooses whether they want try to achieve or avoid a pregnancy.  It is very effective at avoiding pregnancy when taught by a FertilityCARE Instructor.  Find a Creighton model instructor in your area.

FertilityCARE can also help couples who are experiencing infertility.  By charting the cycle, many times issues can be identified and treated so the couple may conceive naturally, rather than resorting to artificial reproductive technologies such as “in vitro fertilization” (IVF).  IVF artificially produces baby embryos in a lab and allows a technician to decide which of the lives are the “most viable or valuable”.  The other lives are then frozen or discarded.  Unfortunately this does not respect the dignity of life, or the dignity of the couple’s marital relationship.


Just by determining when the couple is fertile, and thus using fertility-focused intercourse, a couple with normal fertility will conceive within 6 months 98% of the time.  If there is a reproductive problem, using FertilityCARE with NaProTECHNOLOGY (NaPro) treatments by trained and certified physicians will result in pregnancy approximately 45% of the time.  Adding surgical NaPro improves family building to 70-80%!  We believe children are a lovely part of family life.  We love NaPro and hope you will too.