The birth control pill (and other artificial hormones)

The birth control pill is designed to shut down the normal function of fertility.   It prevents pregnancy in 3 main ways.


     1.  The pill is supposed to prevent ovulation by using synthetic hormones.  However, sometimes break-through ovulation may still occur.  

     2.  The artificial hormones thicken up cervical mucous so sperm cannot swim as well.  This too may not always work.   

     3.  The pill may change the uterine lining making it thinner, and bleeding lighter.  When a conception does occur while a woman is on the pill the new little life may not be able to survive.

Birth control is sort of like a bad “diet”.  It suppresses the natural ways for a while.  When a woman goes off the pill, things go back to how they were.  Nothing was learned and nothing was solved.  It is unfortunate that so many women have been put on suppressive and damaging hormones such as the pill.  There is a better way.  We are here to help you understand your body and sexuality to its fullest.