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The Great Benefits of Direct Patient Care

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  • 24 hour access to your doctor (weekends, holidays, whenever you need care)

  • Visits when you want (often same day or next day)

  • Office visits are fully covered with the membership (no more co-pay or back billing)

  • Email and texting your doctor

  • Extended, relaxed office visits to address your needs and questions

  • Telemedicine (from wherever you are, college, vacation, or out of town on business)

  • Annual physical personalized and geared toward wellness

  • Wholesale lab costs (lower than you are used to with insurance)

  • Very low cost prescriptions (soon to be dispensed from the office)

  • NaPro Fertility or Female Cycle management (if you need)

  • BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (Customized and prescribed for you)

  • Wellness and Weight loss (tailored to your health goals)

  • We will look for ways to benefit your health and save you money.

  • Transparency.

  • As partners in your general wellness, we’re fully invested in your healthcare goals. 

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